As Si-ling-chi wandered in her garden, she noticed a worm creating a dainty cocoon. She discovered that she could unwind the filament of the cocoon just as it had been wound. Soon she spun several strands together to form the first silk thread. The secrets of Sericulture (growing and caring of silk worm) in China were jealously guarded for over 2000 years. Subsequently, sericulture came to India by a Chinese princess, who concealed the silkworm egg in her head-dress. For over 2000 years, India and near East have produced elegant silk fabrics which are known as luxurious and durable fabrics in all the textile market.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fiber, surpassing the tensile strength of steel. Its inherently flame retardency and the insulating properties make it suitable for both residential
and contract applications. In addition, it has the luster, texture and sensual appeal unmatched by any other fiber.


Silk is natures strongest fibers, having a tensile strength surpassing that of steel along with fine quality as luster, texture and beauty. Maps for the World War II fighter pilots were
printed on silks to endure extreme conditions. In addition it is inherently flameproof which makes it desirable for both residential and contract applications. However, no warranties are expressed or implied against durability. Please see standards and product warranties paragraph below.


It is only natural for the irregularities and textural variations to occur while constructing natural fiber fabrics. Since no precise tension is placed across the fabric during  weaving, so occasional bowing across the goods may result. The variations such as bars, shadings, mis weave etc. are also inherent to silk and are appreciated. The home spun qualities of the hand woven fabric results in no two pieces alike. These are the very
characteristics which make hand-woven fabrics so desirable.


Cleaning code "S"-Professional dry clean only. Reversing of cushions and pillows and frequent light dusting is recommended.


  • Generic properties of pure silks are listed below. Each pattern must be tested prior to any commercial application & Certification.
  • Flame Spread Properties:UFAC Class I, NFPA Class A, UBC Class I
  • ASTM E-84 Flame Spread -5
  • Fuel Contribution-0, Smoke Density-0
  • Abrasion:Meets and Exceed-WYZENBEEK-Medium Duty Test
  • Tensile Strength: Exceed ASTM D-1682 -50 Lb. min
  • Tear Strength:Exceed ASTM D-1682 - 6 Lb. min.
  • Seam Slippage:Meets NAFM Standards.


Fabrics are not guaranteed against fading, color fastness or durability. Silk being a protein fiber must not be exposed to the ultraviolet radiation present in the direct or indirect (reflection from glass, snow etc.) sunlight . Because of the variations within a dyelot, cuttings from each bolt is required. BEFORE CUTTING AND INSTALLATION please make sure that the bolt to bolt color match, weave and texture are satisfactory for the intended use. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the proper installation of the product. SUNSILKS INC. is not responsible for the damages to the fabric or the location in which it is displayed and/or
used resulting from installation or misuse.