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Book 1
Silk Doupioni
Silk Texture & Lurex
Book 3
Silk Linen
Book 4
Silk Tussah
Book 5
Silk Taffeta
Book 6
Silk Shantung
Book 8
Silk Taffeta Pinstripe
Flag 1
Batiste Embroidery
Flag 2
Silk Batiste Jacquard
Flag 3
Silk Batiste Jacquard
Flag 4A-4E
Cotton Voil Sheers
Flag 5
Silk Doupioni
Flag 6
Silk Doupioni
Embroidery  Dots
Flag 7 & 8
Silk Doupioni
Diamond/ Pearls
Flag 9
Silk Doupioni
Fall Embroidery
Flag 10
Silk Doup Vine Embroidery w/ Pearl
Flag 11
Silk Doupioni Vertical Stripes
Flag 12
Silk Lame' Pleated Dew Drops
Flag 13:
Silk Lame' Embroidery w/ mirror
Flag 14A & B
Silk Lame' flat pleated
Flag 15A & B
Silk Lame' flat & pleated
Flag 16
Silk Lame' Pearl
Flag 17
Silk Lame' Plaid with stripe
Flag 18
Silk Lame' Royal Embroidery
Flag 19
Silk Lame' Swirl Embroidery
Flag 20
Silk Organza Cutwork
Flag 21
Silk Plisse
Flag 22:
Silk Taffeta Jacquard
Flag 23
Silk Taffeta Jacquard
Flag 24
Doupioni Diamond Embroidery
Flag 25
Doupioni small Diamond Embroidery
Flag 26
Batiste Embroidery Handpainted
Flag 27:
Dupioni Marelized
Flag 28
Silk Silhouette
Flag 29
Silk Shantung shell bead
Flag 30
Silk Lame' Weft Stripe
Flag 31
Silk Organza Weft Coords
Flag 32
Silk Thai Type Weft Cords
Flag 33
Silk Taffeta Jacquard with Stripes
Flag 34
Silk Screen Emb Hand Painted
Flag 36
Silk Diamond Quilt
Flag 37
Silk Lame' Jute cord
Flag 38
Silk Lame' Diamond Embroidery Pearl
Flag 39A&B
Silk Organza Large Pleated